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As a Multimedia Designer, it’s important to have the right tools for design and animation. For Graphic Design, Motion Graphics and Animation, 3D Design and Animation. Over time I have used up to 15 different programs and still use many but there a few main Industry Standard programs to work from in addition to having the right hardware to make it all happen.

Let’s begin with the software.

Design Software

Graphic Design; Of course, Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom and Bridge. Adobe Animate is another but I have become more accustomed to After Effects. Where I import my Illustrator and Photoshop layers into AE and then animate. The same process with InDesign, importing multiple file formats to create document or e-book files. FontLab was another when creating Font or Typeface.

Motion Graphics and Animation; Creative Cloud once again. Creating files and elements in Illustrator and Photoshop and imported in After Effects for animation. Also importing image files and video footage for Motion Graphics and Animation added. Great Motion Graphics plugins I use are – Trapcode, Video Copilot and Motion Factory. Using Adobe Media Encoder for rendering final files in a variety of video formats.

3D Design and Animation; Autodesk Maya 3D for creating complex 3D Designs and 3D Animations. In addition, Mudbox for character sculpting and importing back into Maya to texturize and animate. I still use Mental Ray Renderer but now Maya has the Arnold Renderer as its standard.


Design Hardware

Metabox; Metabox build the most efficient, productive and most powerful laptops. What Metabox claims as the most powerful laptop is true! My Metabox Laptop has the matte, non reflective screen, a lit keyboard to work in all environments and conditions with accurate colouring. I sometimes have multiple programs open at the same time with no issue. Whilst rendering animations and 3d rendering is a breeze. Metabox have always created amazing gaming laptops but now also build Multimedia laptops for designers. Still customisable to your requirements.

PC Case Gear; My PC Case Gear Desktop has also been my workhorse. An efficient, productive and powerful Desktop PC. I tend to create large files and have done a lot of 3d rendering and After Effects rendering on this desktop and it still runs flawlessly. Built as a gaming PC that is customisable to your requirements. Also great for designers.

Monitors; My main monitor is a 49inch Kogan 4K TV. This is to see the finer details and how my designs and animations will look at the end result. Vivid but accurate colour and good audio when on the right settings. Another monitor I use is a 24inch Samsung. Also great colour and accuracy.

Let’s not forget the Wacom Tablet. If your going to be a Graphic Designer or even Motion Graphics Designer and Animator. Invest in a Wacom.

Conclusion; It pays to invest in the right tools for design. In my case, I didn’t have to spend top dollar to get the best hardware.

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